Whether you come to stay in our adults only Accommodation or our quiet adults only Caravan Site, Montloue House is great destination for a your holiday in France. Montloue House is situated in the southern Brittany and is less than a mile from the small pretty village of Mellac, which has a Boulangerie, Hair Salon, Bar, Restaurant, Pharmacy and Doctor(s).

Quimperle is an historic unspoilt small Brittany town situated two miles away with its three rivers meeting and flowing through its centre. Lovely restaurants can be found there including some overlooking the river

The coastline is about a 15-minute drive and if you then travel East or West there are plenty of interesting small coastal villages, historic towns and beautiful countryside to enjoy and photograph.(Ideal for camera enthusiasts)

The beaches near Montloue are lovely below pictured are just a few of the many between Le Pouldo and Quimper, nearly every road along the coast leads to a sandy beach or little fishing harbours. The unmissable landscapes, Brittany's beaches are among the most beautiful in Europe. They're widely varied in terms of their looks and moods. But they all have the same things in common: fine sand and a beautiful palette of colours where the sea meets the sky

Renowned for its rocks, often wild in both formation and colour, Brittany has very distinctive looks. While the seascapes tend to the dramatic, the landscapes inland are often gentle. The mild climate allows all manner of plants to thrive. The Breton carthorse may have retired from the fields, but it and other traditional animals are given space in special centres. Underwater, there’s a whole other Breton world to discover. From glorious walled cities and castles to extravagant churches, Brittany’s built heritage looks extremely appealing while recalling the concerns and obsessions of Breton society down the centuries. Traditional farms and manors are scattered liberally across the countryside and the Church commissioned both fine and modest buildings from major cathedrals and abbeys to the quaintest, tiniest chapels.

Four Golf Courses can be reached easily by car within 20/30 minutes


So we look forward to you coming and staying at Montloue, the links below, will give you an idea of some of the places to visit near by, whether its a beach for some sun and a swim, or somewhere to eat, even where to get  Brittany's great produce in the local markets and shops. not forgetting the more active guests, with a activities from golf to walking,--- and maybe the most important event of the holiday, the legionary  Montloue BBQ !!!


from places to visit, eating out and getting your hair cut !